Golden Leafy Nails

Right now I’m spending a good chunk of my free time raking up all of the leaves in our yard, so it seems like the appropriate time to sport some leafy nails. Here they are:


I just can’t make my right hand pose nicely.  It’s all awkward or something.  Anyway, the base for these nails is NYC – Royal Chic.  I sort of think this is from a collection that was out not that long ago, so it might be a little hard to find now.


The wet polish looks just like Hershey’s Syrup.  I feel like this polish should smell like chocolate.

Then I added some leaves with Wet n WIld Fergie – Gold Album.  Every time I use that polish I can’t believe how beautifully gold and sparkly it is.

I was sort of tempted to just “leaf” my mani like that, but since I had already pulled all of my fall colored polishes off my rack, I decided to go ahead and add some color.  I used polishes that tend to to be sheer so that the gold would show through.  I just used a little brush and added a little bit of color to each leaf.  I topped it off with a shiny top coat.

After four days of wear, I had no major chips, just some tip wear.  I touched up the tips of my nails with the brown polish and then for kicks I added a matte top coat.


I really like how this looks with a matte top coat!  The metallic leaves just really pop off of the brown background!  I think I’m going to get a full week’s wear out of these.  Hooray for that!

Thanks for reading!

Patchwork Nails

Hi, everyone!  I’m back!  Last week was a busy one for the hubby and me.  For the first part of the week, we babysat my brother and his wife’s 3 kids at their place while they were on vacation.  An 8, 6, and 3-year-old kept us good and busy!  Then we went up to Niagara Falls for a 3-day mini-vacation.  The falls only about a 5 1/2 hour drive from our place, so we try to get up there every few years.   Anyway, I’m back with a tutorial for you all today!

I wanted to do something that was Halloween-ish, but not super overt.   I also was in the mood to do some mixed-up patterns with a little bit of negative space.  Here’s what I came up with:


The first steps to every manicure is pretty much the same: deal with your cuticles and then apply a base coat.  After that I just applied a few green patches of polish:


I knew I wanted it make green, orange, and purple patches with two patches on each nail, so I knew I would need 3-4 patches of each color.  I also knew that I wanted shapes and sizes that appeared to be sort of random, so I made each of the patches different.  I then added orange polish:


I filled in the remaining spots with purple polish:


Then, using my dotting tools and little brushes, I added some patterns using the same orange, green, and purple polish:


Next, I outlined my patches in black with a thin brush dipped in acrylic paint:


Then I added “stitches” with the same brush in black acrylic paint:


And here’s my right hand:


I finished off with a top coat and then I did a little bit of clean-up with a brush dipped in acetone.   I really like how these turned out!  Cute and not too crazy.

I’ll leave you now with a few pictures from our little trip up to Niagara Falls:



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31 Day Challenge Recap

I officially survived my first 31 day challenge, and it was just like everyone who has done it before said: fun, time-consuming, mentally draining, and a great opportunity to improve nail art skills.  I posted each day during the challenge,  but I thought it would be good to post all of the pictures in one place, just for easy future reference.   Here we go:

Day 1:  Red Nails


Day 2: Orange Nails


Day 3: Yellow Nails


Day 4: Green Nails


Day 5: Blue Nails


Day 6: Violet Nails


Day 7: Black & White Nails


Day 8: Metallic Nails


Day 9: Rainbow Nails


Day 10: Gradient Nails


Day 11: Polka Dots


Day 12: Stripes


Day 13: Animal Print


Day 14: Flowers


Day 15: Delicate Print


Day 16: Geometric


Day 17: Glitter


Day 18: Half Moons


Day 19: Galaxies


Day 20: Water Marble


Day 21: Inspired by a Color


Day 22: Inspired by a Song


Day 23: Inspired by Movie


Day 24: Inspired by Book


Day 25: Inspired by Fashion


Day 26: Inspired by a Pattern

IMG_34485.10.14 506

Day27: Inspired by Artwork



Day 28: Inspired by a Flag


Day 29: Inspired by the Supernatural


Day 30: Inspired by a Tutorial


Day 31: Honor Nails You Love


So that’s it!  The heading for each day is a link to my post from that day, if you’d like more info.  Thanks for reading!  Also, please let me know if you’d like to see a tutorial on any of these looks!

Day 31: Honor Nails You Love (31dc2014)


I’m pretty sure I painted my nails more in the past 31 days than the average woman paints her nails in a year.  For today, I recreated a mani that was originally done by Jaunty Juli.  (She is awesome, so check her out on YouTube.)  I almost did these nails yesterday, but I decided to save these for today so that I don’t have to take them off after one day.  Here they are:


These nails took a little bit of time, but they really weren’t hard.  Check out Jaunty Juli’s tutorial on her YouTube channel for the details on how to get this look.

So, now that this whole thing is over, I think I’m going back to posting on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays so that I can get my sanity back.  Thanks so much to all of you who have hung in there with me for the past 31 days!

Day 30: Inspired by a Tutorial (31dc2014)

Day 30!  Only one more day to go!  I’m gonna make it!

For today’s nails, the idea is to do nails based on a tutorial done by another nails artist.  I opted to try the dry brush technique.  I’ve seen this technique in a lot of tutorials by a lot of different bloggers, so I’m not really sure who to credit with coming up with it first.   Anyway, here are my nails:


The second picture is in direct sunlight.

These nails were super easy to do and required absolutely no artistic ability and no tools!  I just started by painting my nails with a nude color, then I chose 5 or 6 polishes that I thought were nice fall colors. After the nude polish was mostly dry, I took one of my polishes and wiped pretty much all of the polish off on the neck of the bottle.  then, using the little bit of polish that was still on the brush, I made little streaky patches on each of my nails.  Then I went through the same process with each color.  If you’d like to see a real actual tutorial on this technique, please let me know!

Thanks for reading and I’ll see you tomorrow for the 31st and final day of this challenge!

Day 29: Inspired by the Supernatural (31dc2014)

So, today my nails are a bit on the preachy side:


On my thumb, I have “us” on one side and “God” on the other, separated by a chasm.  My first finger represents Jesus’ blood as he sacrificed himself as payment for our sin.  My middle finger depicts how the cross bridges the gap between us an God.  My ring finger is green to represent then new life we have when we accept this gift from God.  The dove represents the peace God gives us, as well as the Holy Spirit.  My pinky represents the promise of heaven, where the streets are paved with gold.

I’m more than happy to have an open conversation about any of this with any of you!

See you tomorrow with nails inspired by a tutorial.  Only 2 more days to go!  I’m gonna make it!

Day 28: Inspired by a Flag (31dc2014)

Today was another long day for me, so this is going to be good and short again.  I’m mostly Swiss (with a little bit of German) so I decided to do a little tribute to the Swiss flag:


And here’s my Cinderella hand, in case you’re curious:


I’ll see you tomorrow with some supernatural fingers!

Day 27: Inspired by Artwork

It’s been a long day, and I just got home after being out doing stuff for 13 hours, so this is going to be short and sweet.  I was initially stumped for today, so I did an image search online for “artwork” and found this:


So I painted my nails to look like this:


I was super happy with how these turned out!  In case you’re curious, here’s a pic with my thumb:


And in case you are still curious, here’s my right hand.  It’s my Cinderella hand: the hand that does all of the hard work, but doesn’t get any of the glory.


It’s time to take these off and get some nails that are inspired by a flag.  I’m pretty sad to take these off 😦

Oh, and to those of you who have given me lots of love over these nails today on instagram, thank you, thank you, thank you!  You all are sweet! See you tomorrow!

Day 26: Inspired by a Pattern (31dc2014)

Day 26 already!  I’m kind of getting tired of painting my nails every day, but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel now!

Earlier this year, we redid our bedroom.  I decided that we should make the process extra difficult and paint our walls with a glossy design over matte paint of the same color.  It took HOURS.  Like, a LOT of hours.  And we painted the design freehand.

Here it is in the middle of the project:

5.10.14 459

And here is the end result:

5.10.14 506

I figured if I could paint the walls of an entire room with this pattern freehand, surely I could paint my nails with the same pattern.


Oh, my husband is unintentionally funny sometimes.  When I showed him my nails, he said, “What was today’s theme?  Nails inspired by a room in your house?”  That made me laugh.

See you tomorrow with some nails inspired by artwork.  I’ve got some big plans, so let’s hope it works out!

Day 25: Inspired by Fashion (31dc2014)

I was initially at a loss for what to do for today.  My plan was to just find some image of  some crazy runway outfit that had a pattern I could copy, but then I decided to check some of the people I follow on Instagram to see if I could find some inspiration.  I found this cute picture of Mindy Kaling to be quite inspiring:


And here are my nails:


After I did them, I sort of wished that I had outlined the turquoise with straight gold polish instead of a glitter polish so that the lines would have been cleaner, but it’s not too bad.  It’s not one of my favorite looks from the challenge so far, but hey, they can’t all be winners.  See you tomorrow with some nails that are inspired by a pattern.