Day 24: Inspired by a Book (31dc2014)

Little Women is one of those books that I read over and over as a kid.  I love the movie version that came out in the 90s, too.  Makes me cry every time, especially when I watch it with my sisters.  One of the best stories ever about sister-love and loyalty and how life changes as you grow up.

So here are my nails:


I’m pretty proud of the detail on these!  All of the practice from this 31 day challenge is paying off!  On my first finger is Meg’s glove that goes missing but is actually kept and cherished by John Brooke, whom Meg eventually marries.  My middle finger is Jo’s pen and paper, since she is forever writing stories and plays.  The ring finger is Beth’s piano, a gift from Mr Laurence.  And the pinky is Amy’s artist’s palette, since she grows up to be a painter.

What to paint for each of the sisters came to me really quickly except for Meg.  The idea for the glove actually came from my youngest sister (the “Amy” of our family) who actually played the role of Meg in her college’s production of the musical a few years ago.  I just had to put that in here.

Anyway, I’ll be sad to take these nails off! I’ll be back tomorrow with some fashion inspired nails.

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