Day 25: Inspired by Fashion (31dc2014)

I was initially at a loss for what to do for today.  My plan was to just find some image of  some crazy runway outfit that had a pattern I could copy, but then I decided to check some of the people I follow on Instagram to see if I could find some inspiration.  I found this cute picture of Mindy Kaling to be quite inspiring:


And here are my nails:


After I did them, I sort of wished that I had outlined the turquoise with straight gold polish instead of a glitter polish so that the lines would have been cleaner, but it’s not too bad.  It’s not one of my favorite looks from the challenge so far, but hey, they can’t all be winners.  See you tomorrow with some nails that are inspired by a pattern.

One thought on “Day 25: Inspired by Fashion (31dc2014)

  1. The design you did looks very pretty and has a large scale as opposed to so many which are very detailed but almost hard to see because of the size of a fingernail.


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