Pennsylvania, USA

Bio: My husband, Mike and I live in a small town in the Susquehanna Valley. We love to travel and consider ourselves vacation junkies. We love getting out and doing things, even if it's just taking a long walk around town. We spend a lot of our spare time at Hersheypark and the PA Renaissance Faire. No, we don't dress up for the faire. A big non-nail interest of mine is cooking. I'm an independent consultant for an awesome company that sells kitchen tools (wink, wink). When cold weather rolls around, I crochet. I'm not much of a pattern follower, but I manage to make some pretty cute hats that I sell at craft fairs and in my etsy shop. No, we don't have kids. That just hasn't happened for us, but we do enjoy a very blessed life!

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3 thoughts on “About

  1. As I may have mentioned, I loved the picnic-style watermelon nails you recently did, and so I gave them a wee shout-out on my blog. It was in not-remotely-following-the-rules service of one of those blogger nomination dealies, and I just wanted to let you know there’s no expectation that you participate unless you’d like to. I just wanted to point out some of my favourite work. 🙂



    • Thanks so much for the mention! I think I might be a party pooper and not do the nomination, at least not right now. I’ve got a busy week ahead of my and I’m trying to get my brain around the 31 Day Challenge that I’m starting on Sept 1. Do you participate in that? I’ve never done if before, so it’s a little intimidating, but also kind of exciting! Anyway, thanks again for the mention!


      • Oh, not a problem at all – I don’t expect anything in return. Just happy to showcase good work.

        I did a 31 day challenge in July/August and it…was a struggle. Some people do their best work under time limits and other constraints, but I do not! I was thinking of trying another one in September just to see if I can improve on August (wouldn’t be hard!) Best of luck. 🙂


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