Day 26: Inspired by a Pattern (31dc2014)

Day 26 already!  I’m kind of getting tired of painting my nails every day, but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel now!

Earlier this year, we redid our bedroom.  I decided that we should make the process extra difficult and paint our walls with a glossy design over matte paint of the same color.  It took HOURS.  Like, a LOT of hours.  And we painted the design freehand.

Here it is in the middle of the project:

5.10.14 459

And here is the end result:

5.10.14 506

I figured if I could paint the walls of an entire room with this pattern freehand, surely I could paint my nails with the same pattern.


Oh, my husband is unintentionally funny sometimes.  When I showed him my nails, he said, “What was today’s theme?  Nails inspired by a room in your house?”  That made me laugh.

See you tomorrow with some nails inspired by artwork.  I’ve got some big plans, so let’s hope it works out!

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