Day 10: Gradient Nails (31dc2014)

This past Sunday evening, we had a great sunset here in central PA.  The sky went from a deep blue-purple down to a bright orange at the horizon with lots of neon pink and purple clouds in between.  Just beautiful.  We were on a drive home through the countryside at the time, and the sky combined with the rolling hills and silhouettes of tree and farms is what inspired today’s manicure.  Unfortunately, the nails only turned out to be “meh”.  Here they are:


The lump on my ring finger is supposed to be a farm and the other blotches are supposed to be trees.  Yeah, not my best work.  I do like the sky colors, though.  They’re pretty close to the real thing.  Overall though, I guess I should leave the sunset making to God.

See you tomorrow with some polka dots!


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