Day 2: Orange Nails (31dc2014)

Today is orange nails day.  In regular life, I rarely paint my nails orange because I think it just looks bad with my light skin.  I was suckered into buying Orly – Tropical Pop a few weeks ago, though, because it’s just such a pretty, fun shade of orange. Kind of a light neon orange.  That’s the color I used for my base, with a traffic cone orange for the dots and the orange slices.


I’ve been loving these nails more and more as the day goes on and I’m definitely sad that I have to take them off to get ready for tomorrow…  And I was sad yesterday when I had to take my ladybugs off… I guess I’m going to be sad every day for the next 29 days, unless one of these days is a real nail art fail.  Actually, I’m pretty sure the day I have to do water marble is going to be a major fail.  That’s not until Day 20, so I guess I have 18 more days until I really have to worry about being humiliated online in front of all the other nail bloggers.

One of the most fun things for the past 2 days has been checking out everybody’s nails on instagram.  Seriously, check out all of the awesome nails from people undertaking the 31 Day Challenge on instagram with #31dc2014.  See you tomorrow with some yellow nails!

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