Day 14: Flowers (31dc2014)

Flowers.  Everybody does flowers on their nails.  How do you come up with some thing original when EVERYBODY does flowers on their nails?  I really was itching to do something different and unique.  I have these pretty things growing out side my house and I have a polish to match:


I figured I could so some swirly lines on my nails along with some cool shading and I would have something that looked like my front yard flowers.  It seemed like a great idea in my head, but it was a major fail.  Really, I tried pretty much every technique I could think of.  I tried the one stroke technique.  Total fail.  (I don’t know how those people on youtube do it.)  I tried using wavy cut stickers to make a wavy line.  Another fail.  I tried shading with acrylic paint.  Fail.  I tried shading with nail polish.  Fail.  I finally just decided that I would do something simple that looked like a flower petal on my nail and I came up with this awful look:


Ugh, terrible, I know.  (Oh, and keep in mind that I was really feeling under the weather, so my head was sort of fuzzy this whole time. )  I went to bed with these ugly nails and hated them even more when I woke up this morning.  Before heading off to church, I took the polish off and painted my nails black with the intention of adding some flowers after we got back from church.  That’s right, I went to church with plain-black-gothic-death-looking nails.

This story does have a happy ending, though.  After we got home from church, I added some flowers and my nails ended up looking like this:


I’m happy with these!  I’m sad to take them off.  I’ll see you tomorrow with some delicate print nails.


3 thoughts on “Day 14: Flowers (31dc2014)

  1. Doesn’t this look like a “fancy” French mani? I thought you were using the vinyl shaped-nailtip stickers used to make an even line of white, etc. and thought what a nice idea!


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