Day 30: Inspired by a Tutorial (31dc2014)

Day 30!  Only one more day to go!  I’m gonna make it!

For today’s nails, the idea is to do nails based on a tutorial done by another nails artist.  I opted to try the dry brush technique.  I’ve seen this technique in a lot of tutorials by a lot of different bloggers, so I’m not really sure who to credit with coming up with it first.   Anyway, here are my nails:


The second picture is in direct sunlight.

These nails were super easy to do and required absolutely no artistic ability and no tools!  I just started by painting my nails with a nude color, then I chose 5 or 6 polishes that I thought were nice fall colors. After the nude polish was mostly dry, I took one of my polishes and wiped pretty much all of the polish off on the neck of the bottle.  then, using the little bit of polish that was still on the brush, I made little streaky patches on each of my nails.  Then I went through the same process with each color.  If you’d like to see a real actual tutorial on this technique, please let me know!

Thanks for reading and I’ll see you tomorrow for the 31st and final day of this challenge!

2 thoughts on “Day 30: Inspired by a Tutorial (31dc2014)

  1. Jen, I always wondered exactly how it works with the “dry brush” technique and your description of what you did plus the photos clarified it for me. The mani looks very nice, the “brushstroke collage” is visible but the attractiveness of the method also is noticeable! Thanks very much for sharing.
    BTW, I wanted to share with you something I came upon that may interest you as the 5Below info did me. Tell me how to let you know about it.


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