Day 4: Green Nails (31dc2014)

I just recently got NYC – High Line Green, this really pretty “ugly green” color, so I really wanted to use it for Day 4.  Here it is before I started adding stuff to it:


At first I thought I might go with a frog design, but I had already done cutesy ladybugs and bees, so I figured I should get off of the cute animal train before.  I opted for camo!


Now, in real life, I don’t really like any activities that require the wearing of camouflage, but I really liked the idea of a camo print that was glammed up with a little pink and gold. This design was super easy, too!  It requires very little skill and no tools.  I just used the brush in the bottle to dab on little patches of color until I was happy with the design.  Then I used a nice thick quick-dry top coat to smooth it all out. 

Check out my instagram for more pics of the 31 day challenge all month!  See you tomorrow with some blue nails!


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