Day 17: Glitter (31dc2014)

I’m no stranger to glitter.  I’m a sucker for sparkly things in general.  I figured that Day 17 would be a great opportunity to sport some over-the-top sparkle on my nails, but when the time came to paint my nails, I was in a jelly sandwich sort of mood.  I was itching to use Broadway Nails – Space Flight, a deep blue jelly polish.


The glitter is gold and I did a gradient with the heavier glitter near my cuticles.   Like most sparkly manicures, this one looks better in person than on film.  This is a really simple manicure, but I sort of needed a break.  This challenge is definitely fun, but it’s also a little draining!  I’m going to make it, though!  I’ll see you tomorrow with some half-moons!

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