An Actual Reason to Shop at Dollar General

Dollar general stores scare me a little bit.  It seems like you can always find at least one weirdo customer in there shopping at any given time, and I think the stores are always run by chain smoking 20-year-olds.  Seriously, the last time I was in a Dollar General, there were 2 young female employees talking about how much they loved to smoke.  The one was saying that she knew she should quite because she was having trouble breathing every morning.  Geez.  Yeah, maybe you should quit.

Anyway, there is one reason, and one reason only that I go into Dollar general stores: they’ve got nail polish.  Specifically today, I want to talk about Boadway Nails High Shine Nail Polish.  The only place I’ve ever seen this polish sold is at Dollar General Stores.  (If you’ve seen them any where else, please comment below!)  That means that if you want to try these polishes, you’re going to have to suck it up and actually go into a Dollar General store.  I promise you though, it’ll be worth it.

The in store display looks like this:


Admittedly, this is not the greatest picture, but I sort of hate taking pictures of stuff in stores.  It makes me feel like a creep or something.  Anyway, do you see the little yellow price stickers?  That’s right, these little polishes are only $1 each!  As you can see, there are 4 tiers with 8 colors each.  (The middle tier has lip gloss.)  I don’t think there are any repeats, so that makes a grand total of 32 colors available.

So far I’ve purchase these seven:


Here’s a little review of each along with a swatch.  Each swatch is 2 coats of the polish.

Starting with the upper left corner, we have Dark Night.


This is a REALLY dark purple.  In person it’s not quite as dark as it appears in the photo.  I thought at first that this was going to be a jelly formula, but it’s actually really opaque in just two coats.  It applies really nicely.

Next is Sour Apple.


This is a super pretty almost neon green.  I guess you could say it’s neon, but there are brighter greens out there.  This is mostly opaque in two good coats or 3 thin coats.  I really, really like this polish!  The formula is really good!  Like, surprisingly good for a $1 polish!  Here it is in action:


Next is Space Flight.


This is the prettiest blue jelly!  I used this for my glitter and my half moon manis during the 31 day challenge.  Like all jelly polishes, the color really deepens with each coat.

The first polish in the second row is Hot & Sexy.


I bought this because I had been itching to get China Glaze – Ruby Pumps, but I hate spending $7 on one polish.  This is a fine red glitter in a red jelly base.  It’s just so pretty and sparkly!  Two coats gives good coverage and sparkle, but I think a third coat would make it even prettier!

Next is Snow White.  I originally got this to do a  white polish comparison.  Eh, its just okay.  Check out the link if you’d like more info.  I probably will actually use this one for some frankenpolishing down the road.  I don’t actually have swatches of my white polishes on a swatch wheel because… it’s just white.

Next is Base Coat.


The dumb thing is it’s not an actual base coat.  It’s just a really sheer nude color.  Obviously it’s really sheer, because you can read “Base Coat” backwards through the polish.  (I write the names of the polish on the back of each of my swatches.)  I got this color to use as a base for french manis.  It’s not an exciting color, but it gets the job done.

Last we have Paradise Water.


I was really hoping that this would be opaque on its own.  Obviously, it’s super glitter packed, but not quite enough to be opaque.  Oh well, for a dollar, I think it’s still worth it.  I haven’t really played with this one much, but I think I’ll have fun layering it over different colors.

If you decide to brave your local Dollar General for any of these polishes, please let me know what colors you get and what you think!  Thanks for reading!

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