July Favorites

Happy August!  I got really excited, probably irrationally excited, when I realized that July was over and I could do my first monthly favorites post.  I’ve always enjoyed checking out other bloggers monthly favorites, and for some reason, I just get a huge kick out of being able to do my own.


So, here we go…

Wet n Wild  – Tickled Pink


This is just the most beautiful baby pink.  It looks so pretty with a tan.  It’s the pink I used for this look. This is a polish that I’ve had for a year or so, but I just remembered this month how pretty it is!

Broadway Nails – Sour Apple


This is such a great neon green!  The formula is a great and it only cost me $1!  The only place I’ve see these sold is at Dollar General / Family Dollar stores.  It’s the green I used here.

NYC – Amazon Green from the City Samba collection


This polish is actually a little lighter and greener than it looks in this pic.  It’s got a lovely frosty finish and makes me feel like my nails are covered in mint chocolate chip ice cream, which of course is a good thing.  I haven’t seen this in stores for a little while, so it might be tough to find.  Sorry about that.

China Glaze – Turned Up Turquoise


This color is just do deep and rich!  It’s also got a beautiful shimmer that I feel sometimes reflects blue, sometimes green.  This polish was promoted as being a summer neon, but I think it’s also part of the permanent line, so you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding it.  If you’re a sucker for turquoise polish, do yourself a favor and get this one asap.

NYC – Matte Me Crazy top coat.


I used this top coat for this aforementioned look and I was really happy with how it held up! I actually bumped one of my nails before it was completely dry, but this top coat sort of plumped back up and fixed itself so that you couldn’t even see where I had bumped it!  Some matte finishes will start to get glossy after a few days, but this just held up really well.

Funky Fingers – Sand & Stilettos


I already gushed over this polish in my Five Below Haul, but I just can’t get enough of this polish!  It’s just SO sparkly and SO holographic.  I had it on my toes for a while and I just felt like they were covered in little diamonds when I was in the sun.  I used this polish for the little dots on my thumb nail here.

Fresh Paint – Guava


This is the current color on my fingers.  Pardon my nail growth.  I just love this color so much that I’ve left it on for a whole week, and that’s saying something!  This is the most beautiful neon peach / light coral, and it’s one of those neons that just sort of glows at dusk when you’re outside.  It’s a dupe for China Glaze – Flip Flop Fantasy and way cheaper.  I picked this color up in my Five Below Haul also.  I love this color.  I love it so much.  I need to stop saying that.

So those were my July favorites!  What polishes have you been loving so far this summer?

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5 thoughts on “July Favorites

  1. Hi, Janelle, I finally got there, to a Five Below in L.I.City on the other side of the East River from Manhattan. It was Mecca, Nail Polish Mecca with supposedly Color Club dupes named “Fingers,” that is. I learned every two weeks, approx., they get cartons of new nail polish bottles, of unknown advance details.
    I bought French Paint pastels: Guava, slightly coral, pink that you also photographed and described, Janelle. Plus Bonna light blue, Pinkapalooza (a sheer?) pink, Honeydew green and Glastonberry, a really nice medium light/dark purple.
    Also, I selected a few of the very nice Funky Fingers toppers. One, Funky Fingers: Pep Rally, has quite large not primary “Carnival” colors in a matted suspension (which may or may not alter the polish finish unless top coat will brings it back to shiny) and another F.F.: Olaf, with small, white disks and very fine holo in a really good suspension (as all the toppers were).
    There were quite a few thermal polishes plus some Chic + Pretty kids’ kits of premade nail designs including a black with white dots and white French nail tips as well as, for the accent nails, really cute little pink plastic, rhinestone center bows for the accent nails, as well as a set of lovely black nails with silver glitter dots in a “tuxedo” look with accent nails in stripe as well as in a V-French tip, the “V” being in silver glitter polish.
    (If my granddaughters tell me once more that they don’t do nail art anymore while every time I see them I see their tiny nails covered in turquoise creme and glittered polish, I will scream as I could not resist buying some of the stuff I saw for them, too!)
    They also had Glam Chic kits in several colors with three tiny glass containers of shades of fine glitter to do nail decoration that included a bottle of silver polish. ( For three dollars, you couldn’t do better for yourself or for a teen or preteen, I thought!)
    There were a number of different kinds of polishes and pre-made nails for tiny girls to ladies’ sizes. It says on the back of each container that the items were made in China specifically for Five Below which apparently is based in Philadelphia. (So much for the “Cruelty Free” but a “+” for Philly!)
    Anyone who can locate on her web site a nearby Five Below, go for it!
    I feel so climaxed; it must be time to start socializing instead of spending all my energy on nail art supplies!
    Many thanks for the one-up, Janelle


      • Thanks very much for making this possible for me. It was just wonderful! And your blog also is wonderful with all the time you take to share your experience and your testing of polish varieties in different respects.
        Have a great weekend!


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