Day 12: Stripes (31dc2014)

It’s stripes day!  Originally, I felt completely uninspired.  My ideas were so bad that I contemplated painting my nails like Fruit Stripe gum.  I finally decided I would do something with my striping tape, but it was being unwieldy and getting on my nerves.   I finally just decided I would do some free hand stripes with Funky Fingers – Sand & Stilettos, a pretty thick holographic glitter polish.  Here’s my end result:


I started by painting the stripes on my right hand, so by the time I painted my left hand, I had gotten the hang of making nice, thin stripes.  It really was not very hard at all.  I’d love to try this look again over black or really dark blue or purple polish sometime.

This is one of those polishes that’s awesomeness just can’t quite be captured in a picture.  The blurry shot shows off the sparkle a little better.  These nails look SO FUN in person !  I’m really digging them and I’m going to be sad when it comes time to take these off.

Thanks for all of the love and support, likes and comments!  See you tomorrow!