St Patrick’s Day Nails

Happy St Paddy’s Day!  In honor of Saint Patrick, the 5 century Christian missionary who devoted his life to sharing his faith with the people of Ireland, I’ve painted my nails with rainbows and shamrocks and pots of gold.  Makes sense.

IMG_7206The base color on my first and last finger is Barry M – Black Pistachio.  It almost looks black on the nail, but in the bottle you can definitely tell it’s green.   I picked this polish up on by trip to London.  I’m guessing it’s possible to order this one online somewhere…

These nails are topped with Sinful Colors – Feeling Lucky?  This is such an awesome glitter topper and I love this combo!

My Middle finger has a base of Wet n Wild Fergie – Gold Album.  (By the way, I think the Fergie polishes are being discontinued.  I LOVE Gold Album and Going Platinum so I may soon be on the hunt for backups of these two.) I then used a toothpick to add some larger loose gold glitter for a little extra bling.

Except for the light green french tip and the gold glitter in the pot of gold, everything on IMG_7199my ring finger is craft paint. I did the green tip first, then I added the rainbow.  I used my finest brush and started with the red strip, paining it almost the whole way down to the “grass”.  Next I did the orange, then yellow,…  after that I added the black pot where the rainbow ended, then added the grey highlights to the pot.  Next I added the gold glitter, and then finally the darker green to give the grass a little texture.

Really, this was not too tough and I’m so happy with how it turned out!

Did you do anything exciting to your nails for St Paddy’s?  Let me know in the comments!


Day 9: Rainbow Nails (31dc2014)

Like most days so far, it took me a little while to figure out exactly what I wanted to do.  I didn’t want to just paint rainbow colored stripes down my nails, and I didn’t want to take the easy way out and just paint each nail a different color.  For a little while I thought about painting a rainbow that followed the half-moon curve, but I wasn’t completely sold on that idea.  Finally I settled on the idea of just doing rainbow colored tips.  I was going to do the negative space thing, but I got suckered in by some pretty iridescent glitter that was on my nail polish shelf.

Here’s the end result:


I’m pretty happy with these!  They are pretty fun in the sunlight with all of the iridescent glitter.  More is more, I always say.  See you tomorrow with some gradient nails.  I’ve got an idea that I think is pretty awesome in my head.  Lets just hope my idea actually translates to the nail.