Day 5: Blue Nails (31cd2014)

I am no artist.  I watch videos of people like Robin Moses who can effortlessly paint these beautifully details designs on people’s nails with a little bit of envy and a whole lot of admiration.  I’m not gonna lie, these blue nails took a bit of time.  I probably spent close to 2 hours on them last night while the hubby controlled the remote.  He was flipping between baseball and tennis, both of which interest me very little, so I was happy to stare at my nails instead.

I started with Sinful Colors – Cinderella.


This is a baby blue cream with a pink micro-shimmer.  It’s SO pretty!  It’s pretty sheer, so I did use 4 thin coats to get it opaque. 

After that was done, I started on my thumb and first finger.  After a long time, I ended up with this:


And here’s the finished look!


I’m going to be pretty sad when I have to take her off my nails tonight.  I think I’ll go with something a little simpler for tomorrow!  Come check out the 31 Day Challenge on instagram!  Use #31dc2014 and find me @polishmesnazzy !