January Favorites

Yes, I’m finally getting around to posting my January Favorites.  What had been a part-time desk job is now an almost full-time manual labor job.  (I had been working customer service for an online store, but we are in the middle of moving our warehouse, so I’m spending a ton of hours schlepping heaving boxes around.)  This has left me with less free time for blogging, and the free time I do have is now spent soaking in the bathtub attempting to recover.  Anyway, onto my January favorites…


In the dead of winter, I find that I tend to get stuck in a blue/aqua/turquoise/teal rut with my nails…. Confession time:  I don’t really know the difference between aqua, teal, and turquoise.  Does anyone really?  I tend to think of turquoise as leaning more green, but the actual turquoise stone really isn’t green at all.  I would actually describe a turquoise stone as being aqua in color.  There’s proof that I don’t know the difference.

Anyway, one of the polishes in this color family that I’ve been loving is China Glaze – Capacity to See Beyond from the Giver collection.


I found the entire Giver collections on clearance at Sally Beauty supply!  I didn’t actually buy the whole collection – just 3 – but I found the whole collection.  Anyway, this polish is just the prettiest cool blue color!  If Elsa painted her nails, it would be with this color.

Another beautiful polish from the Giver collection is Community.


This is a lovely milk chocolate brown. Just for comparison, here it is next to NYC – Royal Chic.  Royal Chic (left) reminds me of Hershey’s syrup.  Community (right) is milk chocolate.  I think about chocolate too much.


I paired Community here with another January favorite: Sinful Colors – Love Sprinkles, a pale pink glitter with white hearts.


I was going for a chocolate candy look here.  Love Sprinkles is a limited edition polish for Valentine’s day.  I’ve seen it around at quite a few stores, so you should be able to track this one down pretty easily, if you want.

I also loved using Broadway Nails – Space Flight in January.


I know, I can’t list this polish as my favorite every month, but it’s just such a pretty blue jelly! This look took a little bit of “frankenjelly-ing”.

Another favorite from January is Funky Fingers – Olaf.


This is white glitter polish is perfect for jelly sandwiches!  There are some snowflake shaped glitters in there, but they are easy to avoid, so I think I will get year-round use out of this.

Also from Funky Fingers is Bezerk Turq.


Based on the name, someone somewhere considers this turquoise.  I’d call it aqua.  Anyway, this polish is so bright that I almost want to say it’s neon.  I love that it’s super bright, but still appropriate for winter.  Just to show you how bright it is, here is my turquoise/aqua/teal nail wheel.  Bezerk Turq is at 12:00.  It’s definitely the brightest on the wheel.


My final favorite of the month is….(drum roll, please)….  The much sought after and highly coveted L’Oreal – Masked Affair.  In the bottle it just doesn’t look like much, but when it’s on your nails… Be still my heart.


This is a barely purple holographic polish.  Next to purple polish, it looks silver.  Next to silver polish, it looks lavender.  I found this polish at a Rite Aid, but I really felt like I couldn’t justify purchasing it.  Lucky for me, my birthday is in January.  I made the following deal with my hubby:  I buy the polish and then give it to him. Then on my birthday, he gives it back to me as a birthday gift.  So that’s what we did.

So, those are my January Favorites!  I’ve got some Valentine’s Day manis that I will definitely be posting this week, I promise!  Thanks for reading, and find me on instagram for even more nail polish fun!

2 thoughts on “January Favorites

  1. You always choose the best colors of n/p! I have the Ch/Gl Capacity… but not the brown Giver/Community which, with the S/C Love Sprinkles topper, creates a fabulous look. The Community is such a nice “pink” brown that complements pinky toned skin, I think.
    I think “teal” is a dark shade of blue with a very little bit of “green,” actually yellow, added; aqua is the pastel form of that and goes from more to less green added; turquoise has less whitened look than pastel but also, actually, is mined in more or less green plus the graduations of blue color. (Real good quality American Indian turquoise can be almost pure light blue color with the least smidgeon of green tint to it.)
    (I think turquoise deposits are near copper so the actual mineral composition must be quite similar as “tarnished” copper turns blue-green, right?)
    If you still are near a Five Below (that isn’t near where I live, alas), a couple of weeks ago I visited a son outside Boston and managed to convince him to take me to some super discount stores not near me where the 5 Below store had a whole collection of Fresh Paint pastels and coordinating Metallic pastel “foil” polishes. I bought a light blue metallic foil plus the light blue creme (and the turquoise/aqua Turk Bezerk you mentioned) plus a green pastel but got “concerned” about over-spending – after all the nagging to get to the store- and as soon as I got home, I began to figure out how I might get to a $5 Below to get more metallic-foils!!! I finally gave up on that, however.
    There have been so many sales these past weeks and I just found out American Apparel has had a $3 clearance on all their polishes because they had to order all new glass polish bottles that won’t break as easily. By now, there are a lot of creme colors left for $7 but only several of their “sheers” are $3.
    I know you just thin whatever color you want to convert to jelly which makes total sense to me so I wouldn’t push too hard for the Amer. App. sale but, as I began, if you have a chance to stop by a Five Below, you may well find stuff you like a lot.
    Take care of your back by knee-bending before lifting!


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