Swirly Blob Nails

These nails are so easy and require pretty much no skill whatsoever.  People never believe me when I stay stuff like that to them in real life, but 99% of the time, I really mean it!

IMG_7603Before I get into the nuts and bolts of how to get this effect on your nails, I’m going to ask you to please forgive my gross looking cuticles in this picture.  I know they look gross and dry and polish-stained.  You don’t need to tell me about it.

Okay, so for this look, you’ll need to pick out a few polishes in colors that will blend nicely with each other.  I opted for a pale yellowish-green, a deep teal, and a silver glitter.  I think if you pick more than 4 colors, it will just become a muddy mess on your nails.

After shaking up your polishes, just put a few drops of each polish on a nail polish safe surface.  I used my Bliss Kiss Simply Neat Miracle Mat, but really, a plastic lid from pulled from your recycling bin will work just as well.  Your drops of polish should be sort of IMG_7596touching and overlapping, but don’t think too hard about it.  Just blob it on on there.

Then take a plastic cuticle pusher or a wooden orange stick or just about any little tool you have laying around the house (the eraser end of a pencil, a Popsicle stick,…) and dip it into your blob of polishes.  Kind of try of get all of the polish colors IMG_7597onto your tool, but you don’t need to swirl them together or anything.  Then just dab the polish onto your nails with your little tool.  The polish will sort of swirl together while you’re dabbing it onto your nail.  Don’t worry about trying to get it to be perfectly neat, because you can always clean up polish that accidentally gets on your skin and cuticles with some acetone and a little brush.  (I always use my e.l.f concealer brush.  It’s a great little brush and it’s only $1.)

Give your nails a good long time to dry, since you are applying a pretty thick layer ofplay doh mixed together. polish, and then top them with a top coat.  I opted for a matte top coat, and the finished result reminded me of what play dough looks like when the colors get mixed together.

If you give this technique a try, please let me know!  I’m on instagram and facebook, so find me and tag me so I can see.  Thanks for reading and enjoy your summer!