Easter Nails 2015

This is just a little recap of the nails that I wore for Holy Week and Easter.


Although I like chicks and bunnies and candy as much as the next person, Easter is just so much bigger than that for those who believe in Jesus.  It’s the day that we celebrate his resurrection from the dead, a fact for which there is pretty good historical evidence.  Because this is the foundation of my belief system and worldview, I love taking this opportunity to fancy up my nails with some symbols that hold some really important significance to me.


So, here are the two designs that I wore for Holy Week and Easter.  The ring finger on the bottom picture was inspired by @icandynails on instagram. I’m loving that we are finally out of winter, so I’ve been sporting the springiest colors on my nails!

I totally get that not everyone shares my beliefs.  I welcome any civil discussion, but I won’t tolerate any nastiness in the comments.  I hope you all had a blessed Easter.  Thanks for reading, as always.


3 thoughts on “Easter Nails 2015

  1. I love the way you did your nails for your holiday! (Do I detect additional trips to Five Below from your impressive collection of pastels?)
    It may be of interest to you that BBC and the public broadcasting tv networks have some great archeological programs on Greek biblical manuscripts and other historical religious development subjects. (I felt so lucky to be able to learn about what happened then without taking a $15K cruise to see/hear about the history of those times.)
    I hope your religious faith gives you a lot of pleasure and comfort going through life.


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