Day 13: Animal Print (31dc2014)

These suckers are sort of obnoxious, but I kind of love them!


For animal print day, I was originally going to do cow nails.  Then for some reason, Lisa Frank came to mind.  Remember Lisa Frank?  Her stationary was super popular in my my early teen years – late 80s and early 90s.   Her stuff is kind of weird and creepy when I look at it now, but it suckered me in when I was 12.

I actually messed up on these nails.  I was going to do zebra stripes on my pinky, but I accidentally put some leopard spots on that nail and just decided to go with it.  I’m kind a glad I did!

Here’s the sad thing: I woke up this morning with a pretty good head cold, so I think I’m sticking around home today to protect the world from my germs.  I’m a little sad that I won’t get to take these nails out in public.  I’ll definitely need to do these nails again sometime.

Tomorrow is flowers.  I’m having trouble coming up with a good idea, so suggestions are welcome!  See you tomorrow!




7 thoughts on “Day 13: Animal Print (31dc2014)

  1. Niiice nails! I hope you can sleep off the cold.
    I find if I rinse my mouth and slurp it on my lips, Listerine (plain yellow) mouth wash seems to kill viral germs such as cold sores from biting my lips or an overall head cold. The first time I rinse, I also try to gargle but it can make me gag so watch out.


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